Inspiration does not always come at a convenient time.

Below, I've detailed some scenes that I'd like to do, or have done and would like to do again.

Piss play coffee date:

  I get the coffee of My choice, you get a paper cup full of My delicious piss. We sit and sip our beverages as the world moves around us, chatting quietly about what a good little piss pig your are.

The Al Bundy:

  A public shoe shopping date where I send you scurrying around bringing me shoes to try on. I sit and ridicule or ignore you while you put them on My feet.

The Boy Scout:

  An innocent boy scout is seduced, bound, and forced to play human candelabra while a delighted troupe of girl scouts roast marshmallows and make s'mores.


  An unsuspecting man hires a team of 'sexy house cleaners'. He expects to spend the afternoon watching attractive women clean his home. When they arrive, they remove their coats, force him to his knees and spend the next few hours using their riding crops to encourage him to clean his own home.

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