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Monthly subscription Packages


One email per week and one hour long session  $600


Three emails per week and one two hour session  $1200


Daily emails and four one hour sessions $2600

Remote Encounters

Detailed description

Everything you want to know

about the wicked things I'll do to you.


Seven deadly sins

The perfect blackmail fantasy. Daily instructions via text message for one week. photographic proof of compliance required.  $1000

Email Only

One email per week  $400


Three emails per week $900


Daily emails $1900

30 minutes of live text or email chat $180

Don't see the package you're looking for? Email Me.

all remote encounters and session dates for subscription

packages must be negotiated beforehand.

Tribute for remote encounters and monthly subscriptions

are required in advance.  Tribute here.

I Do not currently offer cam or skype sessions.

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