I am available for in person appointments in the SF Bay area

on the days listed on My schedule.

Make an Appointment

Appointments can be reserved by sending Me the following information:


  • three dates and times that you would like to play

  • What you would like to explore during our time together

  • How much time you would like to spend with Me. 

  • A reference from a  pro domme you have played with in the last year - click here for more information on how to provide a reference

Once we have agreed upon a date and time, and your deposit has been processed, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment. You will be given confirmation instructions at that time.

If you have questions, you may contact Me here.

Virtual and Phone sessions

For those who are unable to play in person,

I offer skype sessions as well as training via text

and telephone on Niteflirt

Click here to call or text with Me

Common booking questions and answers

Q: Why do you need my birthday?

A:  You may find it shocking but many of My playmates don't want to tell Me their real names. Using a date of birth allows Me to distinguish one John Smith from another. You do not need to use your real birthday but if you forget it, and we don't play regularly, I may have trouble scheduling you.

Q: Can we negotiate our scene over the telephone?

A:  If you would like to consult with Me via telephone, you may schedule a time and reach Me here. Otherwise, I conduct all negotiations via email. Note that if we have not played before, the number of emails I am willing to exchange with you may be limited. We will always have a brief in person check in before our scene begins.

Q: Why do appointments require a deposit?

A:  My time is valuable to Me. Due to the high volume of no shows, I require a deposit as a gesture of sincerity.

Q: I want to talk on Niteflirt but you're not online, what do I do?

A:  I am a busy woman. The best way to find a time to connect is to email Me.

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